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Our Support in the Community


 We were pleased to present a cheque for £500 to the Northiam Bonfire Society for provision of First Aid at this years parade.

Northiam Bonfire photo 2

Who’s who in the picture?

The normal looking 3 are Cliff, Jamie and Sally from our office. The 3 silly looking one’s are from the bonfire society.

We are pleased to sponsor armchair exercise classes at a number of residential homes within our community.

031ma and hayley

Fitness instructor Donna Searle, with the residents and staff at Abbotsleigh Residential Home, Staplehurst.

A message from Child Bereavement UK

We were delighted to send access to our elearning programme ‘Supporting bereaved pupils’ to Sandhurst Primary school recently, the second school that you have kindly donated to.

Thank you for your support in this important project, which really is making a difference.

Latest feedback results from the users include:

100% indicated that they have a better understanding of the challenges faced by bereaved children after completing the course.

100% indicated that the course gave them a better understanding of the positive role that the school can play in helping bereaved children develop the resilience they need.

100% indicated that they would recommend the programme to others.

Your support in getting this training into your local schools is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Julia Lawrance

Director of Training

Child Bereavement UK


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