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Natural Burial Sites

What is a Natural Burial Site?

It is a burial site that is managed in an ecologically sound manner to sustain or enhance the existing environment and provide an informal place for remembering the loved ones who rest there.

Natural or woodland burial sites offer an environmentally friendly alternative form of burial.

To preserve the surroundings headstones are not permitted, although some sites do provide a durable grave marker.

Only bio-degradable coffins are permitted.

Our funeral directors will be happy to discuss this option in greater detail. Below are the locations of the most local sites with links to their own websites, where available.


Deerton Natural Burial Ground

Located in between Sittingbourne and Faversham it is the only dedicated natural burial ground in Kent. or telephone 01795 520520.


Ashford Borough Council

The council manages two cemeteries that have a designated natural area,

Bybrook Cemetery is located in Ashford, Kent.

Tenterden Cemetery is situated on the Cranbrook Road, Tenterden.

You will need to type ‘Woodland Burial’ into the search bar.


Hawkhurst Cemetery

Located on the outskirts of Hawkhurst in Kent and managed by the Parish Council this cemetery has a designated area for natural burial.

For more details you can email the Parish Council clerk, Nicole Malem, at or telephone 01580 752058. . read .