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Additional Services

Additional Services Costs

Extra limousines (Per vehicle) £250.00
Floral hearse £280.00
Additional mileage charge on removing the deceased or funerals over 20 mile radius from our office Per mile/Per vehicle £0.95
Placing the coffin in church or home address prior to the funeral service: During normal working hours:                                       Mon-Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm £160.00Out of normal working hours, including Sat/Sun and Public/Bank Holidays from £260.00
Service in church other than place of committal Cremation preceded by a church service on the same day £195.00 Cremation followed by a thanksgiving service on the same day £80.00
Making all necessary arrangements for the interment of cremated remains. Including: removal
of the cremated remains from the crematorium, temporary safekeeping, our funeral director’s attendance at the (weekday) interment in a local churchyard or cemetery, provision of a solid wooden casket with an engraved nameplate, a temporary grave marker and the preparation of a cremated remains plot
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