At J. Perigoe & Son and A. W. Court we also offer items that will help your memories live on. This may be for a family member, a dear friend or even a cherished pet.




Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint jewellery is a lovely way to do this and it’s not just only available for those who have died. A fingerprint can be put on a piece of jewellery as a permanent reminder of someone you have lost, or your fingerprint could be used to give as a special gift to someone you cherish. Below are just a few examples. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Silver fingerprint star pendant
Silver fingerprint ring
Fingerprint diamond pendant

Ash Keepsake Jewellery

This beautiful handcrafted pendants are easily filled and sealed. They can hold a loved one’s cremated remains, lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers. Below are a small selection of the different ranges available, Traditional and Contemporary, Titanium, Filigree Collection and The Nature Inspired Collection.


Ashes to Glass

If you would like to keep a small token of cremated remains close to you, we can have them set into a piece of glass jewellery or placed within silver or gold jewellery. For more information please contact us or use the link to our suppliers website: Ashes to Glass


Urns and Keepsakes

We have a wide variety of urns and keepsakes that will keep your loved ones cremated remains safe and allow you to have them at home where you can be with them. Some have a very traditional look, while others are more decorative. Biodegradable runs are also available for burying the remains or placing them in the sea.

Keepsake pebbles
Decorative blue urn
Teardrop urn


Pets are a very important part of people’s lives. We can also provide urns, keepsakes and jewellery for their ashes, allowing their memory to live on.