Currently over 100,000 people a year, choose to plan for their funeral in advance, aiming for total peace of mind, that their wishes are recorded and the payment covered. We certainly endorse the many benefits a good funeral plan can offer but urge you to be cautious in whom you trust with your savings. Not all funeral plans are the same and not all are what they may first appear to be.

Many are essentially an insurance policy that will not cover the full cost of a funeral and over the years that you contribute, will cost many times the value of the plan. With most, if you decide to stop payments you will lose every penny you have paid in. Unfortunately, a number of companies have seized this opportunity to mislead, often vulnerable, people by selling ‘plans’ like this.

In our opinion there is only one safe way…

We only recommend ‘The Independent Way’ funeral plan from Golden Charter Trust, the UK’s largest provider of pre-paid plans to Independent Funeral Directors.

By choosing ‘The Independent Way’ funeral plan, we are able to provide you with not only all the benefits of a pre-arranged funeral but it also gives you the opportunity, to meet with us and be given the same 1 to 1 dedicated support and attention we provide to all our families.

You’re able to download our Independent Way booklet from here.

The key benefits of the funeral plan include:

• Peace of mind. Knowing that you have saved your loved ones this responsibility during sad and difficult times.
• Paying today’s prices for a service you may not require for many years.
• A plan that is tailor made to your requirements. This avoids paying for services that you don’t want or need, or wanting something that isn’t covered in the ‘package’.
• Helps ease the worry of funeral payments at the time of need.
• The plan is protected from local authority means testing for assistance with residential care.
• Your wishes are fulfilled by a proven partnership. By entrusting us with your wishes, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and that your wishes will be carried out to the letter.
• You have the option of easy monthly payments (with no interest charge if completed within 12 months) or a one off payment. To ensure your money is secure, a legally separate trust administers the funds.

We are always able to visit you to gently guide you towards making the right choice of funeral arrangements. To discover more about this opportunity and receive free, no obligation advice, please contact us.