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Make It Memorable

If you feel you would like to break with tradition with something extra special, pictured below are just a few alternative to enable you to give your loved one a personal send off.



Alternative Funeral Vehicles

union jack hearseVW hearsehorse drawnwhite horse drawnMotorcyclepink hearsewhite hearse

If you would like more information on availability and cost, please let us know.

We are always happy to help.




Personal Touches


dove releaseJohn ash piperaudio Visual


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The above options may be included on any funeral service. Please speak to one of our funeral directors for guidance on availability and cost.

Other ideas for personalizing a funeral service could include;

  • Members of the family being pall bearers, giving tributes or readings  maybe even playing instruments or singing.
  • Pieces of music that hold special memories.


Cremated Remains

Some various options for the final resting place of cremated remains and an alternative to the tradition of burial.

Our funeral directors will be happy to discuss these with you in more detail or assist you in finding something appropriate for your loved one.


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