Funerals are getting much more expensive at the same time as support from the government is drying up.

The impact of funeral poverty can be financial, in the form of an unmanageable debt, but it can also be emotional in the form of the distress, shame and the perceived stigma of not being able to provide a ‘decent send-off’, for someone we love.


What are we doing to help?

We are one of a few companies that clearly display our prices on our website.
We have taken the time to make our prices as clear and straightforward as possible.
Our fees start at £1300.00 plus disbursements and we are always able to advise on ways of keeping costs as low as possible.

Our professional fee includes everything that is essential to carry out a funeral. Many companies charge extra for the use of the hearse and to
effect the removal of the deceased into their care. We believe this gives a misleading figure to families wishing to compare professional fees.

We provide a full written estimate once we have established your requirements.
We send the final invoice seven days after the funeral and allow a further 30 days to receive payment. Our staff are all paid a salary rather than being commission based. This ensures there is no incentive for any of our staff to sell you products or services other than those that you want or need.


Is there any financial assistance available?

Department of Works and Pensions

You may be eligible to receive a Bereavement Payment which is a tax-free payment of up to £3,500. To get Bereavement Payments, you must have been below state pension age when your husband, wife or civil partner died, or – if you were over state pension age – they must not have been entitled to state retirement pension, based on their own national insurance contributions, when they died. You must claim within twelve months.

The DWP Bereavement Service can take your claim for bereavement benefits over the phone and do a benefit’s check to see if you qualify for any other benefits as a result of the death.

Contact them for more details of the assistance available.

Telephone: 0800 731 0469 Or visit them online at